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About Zhenshun · Company Profile 

About ZhenShun Plastics

Guangzhou Zhenshun plastic raw materials Co., Ltd., referred to as Zhenshun plastic for short and Guangzhou Yuanbo materials for short, started in 2007. It is a service provider focusing on brand plastic sales and scheme combination, focusing on the plastic field and serving the majority of injection molding plants, mold manufacturers, brand manufacturers and brand designers.

Based on the corporate mission of "focusing on the selection of brand plastics and helping make in China", Zhenshun plastics is inspired to become the "first service provider of solutions in the plastic industry". With strict standards and based on long-term development, Zhenshun plastics provides customers with LG genuine, excellent and high-quality products, as well as fast services and all-round plastic solutions, And committed to becoming a worthy partner.

  • 2007


    Founded in

  • 2000


    Has served more than 2000 enterprises

  • 2007


    LG Chemical special first-class dealer, started in 2007

  • 15


    Focus on plastics for 15 years

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Zhenshun 5 Advantages

ZhenShun Plastics


LG Chemical is a first-class agent and core distributor. Welcome to inspect the factory

As a special first-class distributor of LG Chemical in Guangzhou, Zhenshun plastic maintains the closest cooperation with LG Chemical. Customers from all over the world are welcome to visit LG factory.


Pure LG brand plastic, we also provide

Multi category timber combination scheme recommendation

Material composition detection and quality analysis

Die flow analysis and die design optimization

Factory site visit, inspection and evaluation

Recommended industrial chain outsourcing processing plant

Plastic professional courses and injection molding training



100% LG brand original, guaranteed quality


Zhenshun plastic promises that the products are absolutely 100% original packaging of LG Chemical, supporting RoHS, reach, SGS certificates or guarantee letters, and providing COA (original factory inspection report), UL yellow card certification and MSDS material certificate; 13% special VAT invoice can be issued; ERP records can be traced to solve customers' worries about materials.


Flexible transaction, fast delivery, timely and dedicated service


Zhenshun plastic can adopt domestic sales, import and export (factory transfer) transactions, which is very suitable for the material purchase mode of domestic and foreign-funded enterprises. Fast delivery, directly cooperate with the original LG technical team to develop projects, provide sample support, timely respond to customer needs, and provide technical services for customer material selection, material use, after-sales, etc.



Complete categories, customized materials and exclusive preferential strategic prices

Zhenshun plastic provides a full range of LG Chemical products, including PC, PC / ABS and other series of modified engineering plastics, ABS, PA6 / 66, PP, PBT, PMMA, PS, PE and other series of general plastics, series of soft rubber and plastic additives. It has strong supply capacity and can fully meet the multi-level material needs of customers. Give strategic cooperation on major projects of customers, customize material colors and physical properties, greatly reduce procurement costs, provide systematic optimization schemes, and win strong competitive advantages for customers.


Focus on plastics for more than 15 years, 14 years of chengxintong certified members, hundreds of top 500 cooperative enterprises

Zhenshun focuses on plastics. Since 2007, it has operated in good faith and has established good and close cooperative relations with many well-known manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad, such as LG display, Samsung motor, Samsung Electronics, Sony, whirlpool, ASUS, Qimei electronics, Midea, HP, Little Swan, Geely, FAW, etc; Industries involved: home appliances, notebooks, monitors, headphones, automobiles, sporting goods, it, OA equipment, etc. Since 2007, it has served hundreds of top 500 enterprises.

Zhenshun Plastic · Color Matching

ZhenShun Plastics Color Matching


Zhenshun Plastic · Application

ZhenShun Plastics Application


Laptop battery shell

Practical examples of modified PC development
Main push model: YGN1008RF
Material characteristics: ultra-thin flame-retardant V0 grade, high heat resistance, high impact strength
Conventional material requirements:
1. The product is thin-walled, flame-retardant V0
2. High heat resistance and high impact strength
3. Dimensional stability

Central control instrument of automotive interior parts, AVN (vehicle host)

Practical examples of modified PC/ABS development
Main push model: YNS5000L
Material characteristics: low odor and TVOC, ODOR (odor) 3.0, environmentally friendly, mainly used in car interiors
Conventional material requirements:
1. Material PC/ABS, low odor
2. Environmental protection and heat resistance

Car electroplating door handle

Development and application examples of modified PC/ABS
Main push model: YMP5000AM/
YMP5000AMD (better plating performance)
Material characteristics: suitable for electroplating


Development and application examples of modified PC/ABS
Main push model: YGP5006BH
Material characteristics: special materials for helmets, heat-resistant,
High toughness, good impact strength at low temperature

Vacuum cleaner shell

Development and application examples of modified PC/ABS
Main push model: YGP5006BH
Material characteristics: special materials for helmets, heat-resistant,
High toughness, good impact strength at low temperature

Mi earphones

Development and application examples of modified PC/ABS
Main push model: YHR5006A
Material characteristics: high temperature (low temperature) impact resistance
Better performance

Lithium battery cap/seal ring

Development and application of modified PBT

Case application: lithium battery 18650, 21000 battery cap, applied to automotive power battery, energy storage battery, power tool battery, conventional consumer electronics rechargeable battery, etc.

Main push model: LG LUPOX GP1000H

Material properties: high flow, stable electrical performance, general purpose

Conventional material requirements:

1. Excellent electrical performance, small hygroscopicity,

Maintain electrical stability in different environments.

2. Good fluidity and easy to form.

3. Good toughness, excellent sealing, no leakage.

4 through the extreme high and low temperature, cold and heat cycle test, aging test performance is good.


Infrared remote control camera shell

Modified PC development and application examples
Main push model: YGP1000M/ML
Material characteristics: transparent PC, HB grade
No, infrared light can penetrate


Common Problem


ABS key cap: low price, high plasticity, good surface texture, but not high temperature resistance, easy to deformation, the biggest disadvantage of ABS material is that it is easy to appear oil phenomenon, especially for opponents of oil friends, not version out of a month to ensure the key cap shining right, greasy feel decreased obviously.


PBT key cap: the price is more expensive than ABS, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, not easy to deformation, oil resistance is significantly higher than ABS key cap, processing is more complex than ABS.


POM key cap: expensive, POM key cap wear-resisting degree and hardness is higher than PBT key cap, currently on the market for black, processing injection molding is the most difficult of the three key caps.


Is PMMA toxic?


Toxic by inhalation.

The application of PMMA is mostly in the fields of, machinery, medical treatment, construction and so on. What can be contacted daily is probably plexigloid, cosmetic bottles and so on. Such use is completely ok, but if you come into contact with PMMA powder, it is better to stay away from it.


FDA The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is one of the U.S. government's executive agencies within the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the Department of Public Health (PHS).


As a scientific regulatory agency, FDA's job is to ensure the safety of food, cosmetics, drugs, biologics, medical devices and radiological products manufactured or imported into the United States. It was one of the first federal agencies whose primary function was to protect consumers. The organization is relevant to the lives of every American citizen. Internationally, FDA is recognized as one of the largest food and drug administration agencies in the world. Many other countries seek and receive HELP from the FDA to promote and monitor the safety of their products.


Food and Drug Administration (FDA) supervisor: supervision and inspection of food, drugs (including veterinary drugs), medical devices, food additives, cosmetics, animal food and drugs, wine and beverages with an alcohol content of less than 7%, and electronic products; Testing, inspection and certification of items affecting human health and safety by ionic and non-ionic radiation generated during use or consumption of products. According to regulations, the products must be certified safe by the FDA before they can be sold on the market. FDA has the authority to inspect manufacturers and prosecute offenders. According to the different product ranges regulated, there are several major regulatory agencies as follows:


Center for Food Safety and Practical Nutrition (CFSAN) :

The center has the largest workload at the FDA. It is responsible for food safety throughout the United States, except for meat, poultry and eggs, which are covered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Despite having one of the safest food supplies in the world, the United States suffers from approximately 76 million foodborne illnesses, 325,000 hospitalizations and 5,000 deaths each year. The Center for Food Safety and Nutrition works to reduce foodborne illness and promote food safety. And promote various plans, such as: HACCP plan promotion and implementation.

The centre's functions include: ensuring the safety of substances and pigments added to food; Ensure the safety of foods and ingredients developed through bioprocesses; Responsible for the management activities in the proper labeling of food products (e.g. ingredients, nutrition and health claims) and cosmetics; Develop policies and regulations governing dietary supplements, infant food formulations and medical foods; Ensure the safety of cosmetics ingredients and products and ensure the correct identification; Supervise and regulate the after-sale behavior of food industry; Conduct consumer education and behavior development; Partnerships with state and local governments; Harmonize international food standards and safety.


Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER):

The center aims to ensure the safety and effectiveness of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, evaluates new drugs before they are marketed, and monitors the more than 10,000 drugs on the market to ensure that products meet the highest standards that are constantly updated. The center also monitors the authenticity of drug advertisements on television, radio and in publications. Strict supervision of drugs to provide consumers with accurate and safe information.


Center for Equipment Safety and Radiation Protection Health (CDRH):

The center ensures that new medical devices are safe and effective. Because there are more than 20,000 companies around the world that manufacture more than 80,000 types of medical devices, from blood glucose monitors to artificial heart valves. These products are vital to human life, so the center also oversees nationwide after-sales service. The center also sets safety standards for products that produce radiation, such as microwave ovens, television sets and mobile phones.


4. Center for Evaluation and Research of Biological Products (CBER):

The center oversees biological products that can prevent or treat disease, and is therefore more complex than chemical synthetic drugs, including scientific studies of the safety and efficacy of blood, plasma, vaccines and the like.


5. Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM):

The center monitors animal food and drugs to ensure their usefulness, safety and effectiveness in sustaining life and alleviating suffering.

U.S. federal law requires that imported laser products (such as VCDS and DVDS), microwave and radio-frequency emission products (such as microwave ovens), and products containing X cathode rays (such as televisions) be approved by the FDA.


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