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【Yuanbo Plastics Tips】Why skinning occurs during plastic injection molding?

When the plastic extrusion speed increases again, the surface of the extrudate will show a large number of irregular nodules, distortions or slub patterns, and even split and break into fragments or column segments, which we call "melt fracture" .

【Zhenshun Plastic】Science popularization of plastic classification

In daily life, the 7 common plastic models on the market refer to the 7 recycling marks for plastic products formulated by relevant organizations in the plastics industry in the United States. It consists of a triangle symbol and a number, and each number represents a plastic container.

[Zhenshun Plastics] Guide for selecting plastic materials for small household appliances

In recent years, plastics have become the key to innovation in the electrical and electronic (E&E) industry, and these developments are changing our lives. The home and business world has been revolutionized by sophisticated electronic products: more and more people are getting more information and education through computers, mobile phones and televisions. At home, we have convenient washing machines, dishwashers and many other laborious kitchen equipment and power tools. Plastics are increasingly becoming the material of choice in this field.

【Zhenshun Plastic】Injection technology popular science articles!

Plastic is a material with natural or synthetic resin as the main component and various additives, which can be molded into a certain shape under certain temperature and pressure conditions, and keep the shape unchanged at room temperature. As a polymer compound, plastic has various processing methods. Next, let’s take a look at how plastic is injection molded!

【Zhenshun Plastic】Introduction of TPEE materials

TPEE has the elasticity of rubber and the strength of engineering plastics. Compared with rubber, it has better processing performance and longer service life; compared with engineering plastics, it also has the characteristics of high strength, flexibility and dynamic mechanical properties. better.

[Injection defect] What should I do if the surface of the high-gloss product is fogged! ?

High-gloss and high-bright products are indeed a difficult product for injection molding companies, because they cannot hide external defects. Even the dust in the workshop can cause different levels of defects in the products. For example, trachoma, pitting, contamination, etc., so the environment is also one of the key factors affecting such products.
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Industry knowledge


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