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[Good News from Yuanbo] Our company won the 2020 LG Chem Outstanding Contribution Award!

The following LG Chem issued the 2020 Outstanding Contribution Award for our company, across the ocean, finally came to our hands on the special day of 520!

[Zhenshun Yuanbo Group Tour] 5.13-5.15 Guizhou Annual Tourism

Guangzhou Zhenshun Yuanbo Annual Guizhou Tour, here we are!

[Yuanbo Plastics] Chinaplas 2021 | Wonderful moment review

From April 13th to 16th, LG Chem brought a series of innovative and sustainable products and solutions including recycled plastic PCR ABS/PC, biodegradable plastic PLA, PBAT, SAP, and environmental plasticizers to the CHINAPLAS 2021 Chinaplas ", to help the sustainable development of Chinese customers and the industry.

【Yuanbo Plastic】Visiting Record of CHINAPLAS

2021.4.13-16 CHINAPLAS was held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Chinaplas is the top event in the plastics industry. Previously, it was held alternately in Greater Guangzhou and Greater Shanghai. This year, we came to the newly completed Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center and opened exhibition halls 2-17.

【Yuanbo Plastics Tips】Why skinning occurs during plastic injection molding?

When the plastic extrusion speed increases again, the surface of the extrudate will show a large number of irregular nodules, distortions or slub patterns, and even split and break into fragments or column segments, which we call "melt fracture" .

[Zhenshun Training] Training for Chinese Enterprises-Trip to Shenzhen

On March 27-28, our company went to Shenzhen to participate in the two-day sales elite training organized by China Enterprise Training Network. Every sales colleague had a rewarding experience.
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